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Transparency - Performance Programs - Interim Management

We offer our services streamlined to mainly two different groups of clients:

  • Investors or shareholders from the venture capital or private equity industry as well as family offices (or their boards)

  • The management of companies or industry holdings

Both groups share similar core needs, but have - defined by their role - a different perspective. One of the key elements of our success formula is keeping close touch with the management and – if actively involved – the board and company shareholders. 


Your challenge

The core focus of a success driven management is to manage the upside of their company and grow the business.

In certain situations additional execution power is required to set-up and drive transformation programs that either address the downside or structurally prepare for a next growth step. Both is a complex endeavour which requires high management attention – next to the daily business.

To successfully drive that process, the management is in need for a strong and experienced interim management partner (CEO, CIO, CFO, COO, CRO) with a compelling track record based on:

  • high analytical skills to quickly understand complex situations and the targeted results

  • an approved methodology to drive the transformation process and to include all relevant stakeholders

  • strong leadership skills to „just make it happen“

Oftentimes investors or shareholders face gradually increasing insecurity regarding the real situation of their portfolio companies due to:

  • unforeseen, continuous, and fast changes in basic conditions of their investments

  • overall growing intransparency within the company

  • missing base for reasonable decisions

  • increasing need for action because of a growing gap to business plan

At the same time, to address these challenges, the investors or shareholders do not have enough resources, face formal restrictions and/or are searching for a independent and balanced 360°assessment of the situation.

Investors or shareholder challenge

Management challenge

Our contribution


for balanced decisions on the necessary steps

In a thorough health-check, 2i international identifies the strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats of a company.


to raise the company value

Our customized services, individually or in combination, address the key business execution demands, which improve performance, manage business risk and exceed ROI expectations.

Performance Programs

for special situations

2i will provide specialized senior resources and can also take over management functions for a limited time for defined tasks if needed.

Interim Management