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2i delivers defined results and does NOT just sell resources

  • We solve business challenges and improve performance

  • We are result driven

  • Clients, investors and partners confirm the value of our work

Company profile

2i delivers defined results and does not just sell resources:

  • Spotting and solving operational issues

  • Result driven

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The team

Individually we are very capable; but as a team we are outstanding.

  • Core team

  • Expert network


References & testimonials

A selection of our references and testimonials.

  • We have been engaged in >100 projects for well-known companies.

  • Clients, investors and partners confirm the value of our work.

Company profile

  • Specialized consultancy with focus on the operational and strategic challenges of

    • Family offices & holdings

    • Institutional investors and

    • Senior Management

  • Founded in 2000

  • Team of senior professionals (plus analysts and expert network)

  • Coverage of all business requirements - „in-house competence“

  • Operating area is Europe with offices in Germany and Austria

  • More than100 in-depth client projects until today (mainly technology and media related)

Our committment: we are result driven

  • We offer no body leasing

  • Our project effort is based on milestones and committed goals (“Handshake Quality”) – not just budgeted man-hours

  • Depending on the project setup we also work on a success-fee basis


The core team​

2i international employs senior business professionals with an international background as well as operational, financial and problem solving expertise at its core. The core team is supported by several analysts and a network of experienced specialists. We blend the talent, experience and expertise from 2i international and the client to form a specialized team. Due to this organizational structure we can always deploy the right skills at the right time and put forth the best team. Individually we are very capable; but as a team we are outstanding.

  • Operations Manager at iWorld Group (Global incubator of mobile services)

  • Financial and restructuring back- ground experience from various positions at ypovereinsbank Group

  • Founding Partner of 2i international

  • Headed more than 20 national and international client projects for 2i international

  • Involved in >70 2i-projects

Managing Partner

Thomas Ettl

  • Former IT and process consultant for financial service industries and real estate

  • Manager for software development, consulting and product management in a software product startup company (exit 65 Mio. €)

  • IT program manager for global carve outs and mergers at Bosch Group

  • Manager for global IT cloud service implementations & roll outs at Siemens

  • Broad IT experience

  • 2i team member since 2005

Managing Partner

Rudolf Römisch

  • Marketing Director International Masters Publishers

  • Managing Director of the Haufe-Lexware Group

  • Founding and Managing Partner of 2i international

  • Headed more than 60 client projects for 2i international

  • Member of various supervisory boards

  • Successful exit of three personal investments

Senior advisor

Dr. Roland Schlager

  • Marketing Director in various publishing houses in B2B and B2C like IMP, WEKA

  • Managing Director Direct Wines Ltd in Germany, responsible for setting up and leading the subsidiary

  • Experience in transferring inter-national business models to the German-speaking market

  • Financial and restructuring experience

  • 2i team member since 2015

Senior Manager

Tanja Hanel

  • Director Database Marketing in Direct Marketing- and Telecommunication Companies

  • Successful merging of huge customer databases (e.g. Kabel Deutschland, Accor and Vodafone)

  • Standardization of Customer Databases (e.g. IMP Europe)

  • Experience in Direct Marketing (BTL), On- and Offline

  • Big Network acquiring addresses and socio-demographic data

  • Targeting & Retargeting

Senior specialist CRM & Big data

Rainer Rupprecht


References (selection)

We have been engaged in numerous projects for well-known companies. 2i internationals focuses on the active realization of strategic plans and to deliver P&L relevant results. 

Our client verticals


Business software & services


Internet technology

Publishing & media


Selection of clients

Testimonials (selection)

Clients, investors and partners confirm the value of our work.


“With the help of 2i international we successfully managed to restructure an investment of Burda Digital in a very short period of time. The team of 2i international supported both the analysis of the company and the development and execution of an action program including a new business model, taking over the MD role for six months. Hereby we especially appreciatedd 2i’s pragmatic and operational approach, their execution power and their clear business instinct.”

Dr. Jörg Lübcke



„We have been looking for a company like 2i international for a very long time, without finding somebody who combines these very specific skills that are required to really solve business issues in sometimes complex business and/or shareholder situations. We are very pleased and happy that 2i international supports us in getting transparency and operational traction for companies we are invested in.“

Frank Seehaus


“In our long-lasting business relationship 2i international has proven both their operational execution performance as well as their strong ability to define high level and sustainable strategies, not only for single companies but also on the much higher and more comprehensive level of a full set of portfolio companies for an industry holding. Not limiting their support only to the strategic level they always contribute with their deep operational experience and business instinct.”

Knut Schindler



„2i international provided us with an external and fresh view of our potential strategic and
operational growth options. Sensitive to our organizational and cultural background, 2i combined an understanding of our daily business needs and challenges with the experience of helping to translate the growth imperatives expected from a venture investor’s perspective.“

Klaus Grohmann


“2i international did a great job in a recent management-, process- and organization due diligence at one of our portfolio companies which was finally bought by Cisco. 2i international provided us with an in-depth view on operations and organization acting as noninvasive as possible regarding running business and handling the foreseeable and usual reservations and objections by the management of the company extremely well. Consequently, we decided to introduce/engage 2i international to another portfolio company where we are currently in the due diligence process experiencing the same professional and well-considered approach by 2i.“

Thomas Claus


„2i international has the outstanding ability to increase transparency in complex situations, and to also communicate them in order to reach a consensus on controversial and even sometimes political subjects. Moreover, based on their sharp analysis 2i international is able to operationally implement and execute solutions that serve the business needs and at the same time consider the interests and needs of the shareholders.“

Dr. Michael Inhester