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Our Team Possesses Proven Expertise and Entrepreneurial Capabilities

Success can only be guaranteed when advisors are “hands-on”, and directly involved in the operative implementation. Therefore, all of our consultants are more than “Powerpoint Presentation Jockeys”. At 2i international, we are real “doers” where the entire team has the requisite skills and experience to know what it takes. We are the client's partner in decision making as well as the implementer of solutions.


This requires not only entrepreneurial capabilities and analytical skills but also operational management know-how across a wide range of business functions and from top management line positions in the industry. We have hands-on problem solving skills and proven expertise in all essential functional areas. Each of our consultants is experienced in more than one market sector, and more than one professional function.


We are an integrated team, assigning tasks and assignments seamlessly, and establishing common, mutual needs for action. On the whole, we cover the complete spectrum of relevant issues for companies on an enterprise wide basis. From the Sales and Marketing function (including online), to the functions of Product Management, Production, and Logistics, to the Finance and Controlling function, we go as deep into the operative implementation as necessary - with the ability to temporarily assume managerial responsibility whenever required.


Only by combining individually, fine-tuned and proven processes (toolbox) with the required ability and experience to execute, can success and with the desired outcomes be guaranteed. Lacking one of these core elements dramatically increases the risk of failure.


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