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Business Acceleration of OneAccess Networks



OneAccess Networks is a Paris based manufacturer of multi-service routers and carrier Ethernet access devices, and supplies routers to over 120 service providers including 4 of the top 5 the largest telecoms operators in Europe. In October 2010 the management and the board of OneAccess jointly decided to drive a dedicated growth program in order to further strengthen its market position and become even more attractive for its large corporate customers.

The Challenge

The company has grown very quickly over the past years and had acquired some smaller companies at the same time. As a result, OneAccess has reached a level where the consequent realization of further growth requires an adjustment of the organization and processes, but also an operational alignment of all parts of the organization.



Key Highlights of the Business Value Delivered by 2i international

  • 2i international performed an in-depth company assessment of all relevant areas of OneAccess
  • We aligned the management team and implemented a concrete action roadmap with 21 clearly defined action packages focusing on processes, organization and performance metrics
  • 2i international jointly with the management and the support of the board developed and introduced a new organization which allows more flexibility and faster growth on an international level
  • We streamlined responsibilities and competencies together with the reorganization / redefinition of most business units
  • Introduction and establishment of a strong COO position to free CEO capacities
  • Development and introduction of key processes which are required to be able to further increase growth speed and at the same time increase efficiency
  • Redefinition / refocus of the sales execution strategy for top key accounts
  • 2i international established product management as a key driver within the organization
  • We increased transparency and knowledge sharing within the organization and thereby accelerated business operations 


  • Significant revenue growth (+20% vs. previous year / while in Q1 the respective market dropped by 6%)
  • Significant key customer wins (e.g. BT, Vodafone Germany, Tulip Telecom India, and others)
  • Significant partner wins to support international expansion
  • Maintain profitability (1 pt above budget / net income)
  • Purchase and integration of one more company
  • Move to new office space
  • Replacement of key employees / strengthening of Management Team
  • Implementation of the Top 5 Program© and the related project initiatives / execution program positioned OneAccess operationally and strategically to grow and face the challenges of the future